Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Double, Neat -- 8/8/2012

* Mitt Romney has come under fire from left-wing bloggers for viciously attacking Obama with ads that are literally not true.  Which is strange, since his camp clearly believed that the American public would stay much more focused on his missing tax returns, off-shore accounts, and general unprofessional behavior.  Still, while galvanizing the Democratic base may not be the best strategy the Romneyites have engaged in this far, it seems far more likely to work than his strategy of being the worst possible opposition candidate since Sarah Palin.
"For the last time, the resemblance to Belichick is entirely coincidental, I am not now, nor have I have been a cheater."
-- Something Mitt Romney did not say.

* The United States Men's Volleyball team was unceremoniously knocked out of the Olympic competition by Italy.  Millions around the world shook their head in fear and awe over the power of the, wait.  No.  That was when Spain lost in football.  No one watches Men's Indoor Volleyball.

Not even the players.

* Film critic Zach Baron ruffled some feathers by claiming that the producers behind the Bourne movies accomplished something great "even if they were working from source material that people remained embarrassed to be seen reading in public."  Admittedly, the feathers ruffled belong to me, because as long as women unabashedly break out paperback versions of terrible S&M porn in subways and coffee shops, not to mention knitting circles and garden clubs, clearly no one is embarrassed to be seen reading anything.  Except Mother Jones, people hide that 'zine like it's contraband snuff photography.

Obviously not giving a fuck.