A Full Mug of Mead: League of Legends

"Advanced strategies" now makes me laugh nearly as hard as I chortle in the most wildly inappropriate settings to do so. Nevertheless, here's my old League content from before I started at Riot.

In these posts, I will be exploring various aspects of League of Legends, the massively popular multiplayer online battle arena game. It starts with a new player's guide to the game, escalating to a weekly round-up of information presented in the unique WTMCF style, and eventually profiles of LoL players and advanced strategies.

9/14/2012 -- Introduction and Glossary
9/17/2012 -- The Most Important Thing to Learn
9/18/2012 -- Five Behaviors that Will Get You Yelled at in Solo Queue
9/19/2012 -- Zen and the Art of Last-Hitting
9/20/2012 -- The Short Kid Gets Picked Last, The Metagame and League of Legends
9/21/2012 -- When Base Stats Aren't Enough
9/24/2012 -- Laying Down the Law: An Introduction to the Tribunal
9/25/2012 -- Playing By Yourself--A Beginning Guide to Top Lane
9/26/2012 -- Tibbers in the Tallgrass-- A Beginning Guide to AP Mid
9/27/2012 -- League of Legends Bonus #1: Serol Silvertongue
9/28/2012 -- Sad Face, No Content on this Date
10/1/2012-- How to Win Friends and Influence Victory -- A Beginning Guide to Support
10/2/2012-- League of Legends Bonus #2: An Aside on the Honor System
10/4/2012-- League of Legends Bonus #3: Coverage of the Season 2 World Championships
10/5/2012-- League of Legends Bonus #4: Day 2 of the World Championships

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