Wednesday, April 18, 2012

StarCityGames Interview Series Going Strong

For the three people who read this site without also reading SCG, be aware that my profiles of different Magic figures can be found over there even as we speak.

Each week I interview someone from within the Magic community in a candid, open format profile.  Unlike traditional Magic interviews, these are composed, narrative articles instead of Q&As.  So far I've showcased Chris Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings' punter who is also an avid gamer; Tom Martell, considered by many to be the best Legacy player in the world right now; and Christine Sprankle, a cosplayer whose take on Elspeth Tirel was the talk of the last World Championships.

Coming up next is Craig Jones, the fan favorite from across the pond who shared his honest opinion on where Magic is, and where he thinks it may have gotten sidetracked.

These profiles are meant to be informative, entertaining pieces that highlight players, organizers, content producers, and community figures in a way that they haven't been focused on before.

If you would like to recommend someone as a future interview, send me an e-mail at  Keep in mind, I cannot guarantee that any particular subject is going to be willing to be interviewed.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.


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