Thursday, January 23, 2014

New here? Read this first...seriously

"Where the Meat Comes From" started out as a web-zine with all sorts of exciting content planned.  It didn't work out exactly like that.  That's where I came in. And then I let it grow dormant and wither on the vast intervine, as I'd found myself writing a great deal more words for a living, more than willing to leave these digital pages to the swirling worldwide wind.

Whenever you find yourself wanting to ask whether something is pretentious, the answer is automatically yes. But I'm going to point out some irony here, anyway. Working on League of Legends with a badass team surrounded by somehow-impossibly-even-more badass Rioters drives me to write even more on the side.

TL;DR: I'm picking this back up again from time to time. Short stories, rants, eponymous #benfacts, assorted other ramblings, musings and things of that ilk.

Legacy stuff to explain: The site tried to be all SE-optimized with almost-nearly clever tags and sub-blog titles. I've left the descriptions as they were. I've also left the link to an embarrassingly bad self-published novel. Please don't buy it. I have no idea if I'd even get paid at this point, and you can buy at least three sodas at the office for the price of the book.

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