Friday, January 31, 2014

Idle Thoughts #1

Idle Thoughts --

An inconsistently edited thought mélange a propos the internet.

-- The Smoke-a-bowl is gearing up to be one of the biggest letdowns in sports history. With both teams playing wildly out of their elements, it's unlikely we'll see anything worth remembering. Unless the NFL unleashes their new weather-control device scant hours before the broadcast, we'll have to satiate our content-starved brain-stomachs with meaningless drivel between downs.

-- Speaking of endlessly derivative disasterpiece marketing, Scarlett Johansson's soda fiasco went viral thanks to a ludicrous (Unrated) tag that promised fizz but showed up flat. GoDaddy sparked the adolescent softskin revolution with their bathetic "visit the website to see about three extra seconds of carefully crafted footage and a barrage of offers you would only take if you'd stepped out of a time machine from 1999 and still believed in the wild west riches of the World Wide Web" campaigns. This year's event could set records, just sadly not on the field.

-- Another overproduced and overbranded sporting event looms in 2014 like a piñata pregnant with the hopes and dreams of dozens of nations and a few struggling enterprises. At this point, you've probably concluded that this paragraph is going to one of two ways, and you may not have even thought of the other. I don't know what to make of that fact, but I'll observe disappointment that in either case, it's all true statements.

-- Community may have passed Arrested Development and the Whedonverse for most enjoyably rewatchable high-brow television. I will, at some point, publish "Cabin in the Woods and the Perfection of Metanarrative" on this site, but until I do, I'll linger around the subject of Community from time to time.

-- Not a sure thing yet, but as a closing point this evening, I'll submit that I'm working on putting together a kind of creative tumblr with a few Rioters that I think players might get a kick out of. Stuff like cutting floor snippets from past events, #porotry, random work. Think RiotPenguin's community drawing, but with words and pretty pictures instead. So really, nothing at all like community drawing, I suppose.

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